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Chinese leader: Greening China takes democracy

Trying to understand what goes on inside the heads of the Chinese is a major passtime in the Western corridors of power these days. One questions, perhaps, looms above all other: Will democracy eventually find her place in the land in the middle? After all, dealing with non-democracies is ever so much more unpredictable, and thus uncomfortable. As it happens, the globally recognized Chinese Law Professor Wang Canfa does not hesitate to speak of the need for democratic reform in his home country when he travels the world. On the contrary, he draws a simple and obvious line between democratic shortfall and environmental disaster. One example, taken from his talk at McGill University on June 2nd: If local Chinese leaders are measured on their performance in terms of economic growth only, they have absolutely no interest in listening to the complaints of suffering farmers, whom they again is in no way answerable to. Wang Canfa is trying to change damaging mechanism by facilitating the