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How about looking at Danish agriculture the way these Norwegians look at fish?

When handling climate change and other unintended consequences of our current way of upholding human existence, a part of our problems seem to stem from the way we produce food. This rather basic type of human praxis seem to have undergone huge transformations over the last century. As Norwegian researchers say: "Although natural resources have been exploited since the beginning of humanity, modern resource managementis a recent phenomenon."

To appreciate these changes, we probably need to leave out the idyllic visions of small fishing villages in gorgeous Nordic fjords and look again at a new kind of "process, wherecomplex and heterogeneous networks link together nature, society, technology, science, markets, and policy in new ways" (same source as above).

In the same way, the Danish agricultural sector has more to do with lobbying, speculating, optimizing and handling large amounts of sticky substances than living the independent life on a family farm. As it tu…

ICT makes taxation easier

These days, the Internet and database technology seem to play a role in any specialized subject you happen to look into. Since 1st of February, I have been a full time intern in the Danish Parliament. Here, I do research, advice and ghost-write for the young up-and-coming MP Jesper Petersen. On top of being an energetic and sympathetic politician, he happens to be the political spokesperson on taxation for his party.

Digging into the charming field of taxes, excise and levies, I encountered a few examples of ICTs providing the taxation authorities a helping hand.

On the international level, rich people hiding their fortunes from their local authorities in countries like Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg is a hot issue right now. For many years proud (welfare) states of law have vainfully tried to get hold of these tax-money. Now stolen data start to emerge out of the secret money tanks, with e.g. the German government paying millions of euros for the information to cash in billi…