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When cars get an identity change operation

Intuitively, one would think that identity experiments are something that takes place during the teenage years and that for example gender change operations are reserved for transvestites. But as in so many other cases, we underestimate the flexibility of our fellow non-human citizens when limiting identity change practices to humans. One surprisingly clear example of this came before my eyes while digging into a heavy law proposal as a part of my internship with a Danish MP who is also spokesperson on taxation. As it occurs, Danish tax legislation has until now left a considerable tax hole wide open because it failed to recognize that cars too go through "identity change" (as it says in the justification for the proposed law). More precisely, a car can undergo an operation that tranforms it from a business vehicle into a private car. Most of the time it involves mounting a few passenger seats in the back and changing the color of the number plates. Afterwards, it has to