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Let machines be machines and humans be humans?

Fascinating promise here:

"In our most recent Internet of Things post Objects Aren't Social, Orban comments that objects " ...are going to form their own independent social networks, which are going to be fundamentally incompatible with human communication." These new machine networks will be so redundant and reliable that we will be freed from most of our machine-operating duties. We will get to be human again."

The statement seems to imply that we as humans have been under an (increasingly heavy?) burden of operating machines. If one thinks about the ridiculous amount of time we spend bend over or staring at 10"-50" size screens, that seems true enough. But in a more general sense, haven't we always been machine operators - is that not one of the fundamental traits that makes us stand out among other species? Or, perhaps more to the point: What kind of pre-machine-operating life does the blogger cited above long for?