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Mapping Controversies

During the last 3 weeks, I've had the pleasure of participating in the first ever MACOSPOL (MApping COntroversies for Science and POLitics) course in Denmark. Very much in the spirit of Latour and STS, the course took place at the Technical University of Denmark, where two brave researchers threw a dozen students head first into the mapping praxis.

In my team, we decided to map the heated debate on tax reform that has been going on in Denmark - especially in this spring. The two main blocks in Danish politics have been pitted against each other in a war of rhetorics and economics. According to the sitting conservative-liberal government, tax cuts and welfare cuts are the only way to keep Denmark competitive and thus fund the welfare system in the long term. To challenge this logic, the centre-left coalition stresses that it would be more in the spirit of the Danish welfare state if everyone helped generate the necessary worth by worked a bit harder. The centre-left opposition has c…