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Abstracts accepted at three upcoming conferences

My master's thesis work in progress on the sociology of online publics will be presented at no less than three conferences this year. First comes the DASTS 2012 conference later this month, which is also a rehearsal for the huge 4S/EASST conference in Copenhagen in October. The third conference that I am going to present at is the 26th Conference of the Nordic Sociological Association in Reykjavik, Iceland, this August - for which I received a student scholarship to cover some of the costs (thanks!).

Here follows the short version:

Public-formatting technologies and their displacement
Recent research within STS (e.g. Marres, Latour) has followed Dewey’s argument that the contemporary public is not a stable sphere, but rather ”scattered, mobile, manifold” (Dewey 1927, p. 146). This paper aims to contribute to the research agenda of how publics organize under plural, socio-technical conditions. Based on a case study of a snowstorm on the Danish island of Bornholm that kept hundreds of…