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New year, new job, new workplace

As of 1st January 2013, I am a PhD Research Fellow in the Techno-Anthropology (TANT) unit at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. This is a very exciting place to be, not least because the TANT unit contributes with teaching in the relatively new BSc and MSc programmes in Techno-Anthropology. The teaching includes a course in Mapping Controversies - the same course, which back in 2010 got me interested in the meeting points between STS, ANT and digital methods. This coming February, I will contribute to introducing new students to controversy mapping.

In general terms, my PhD project is about 'social media and technological democracy'. When I have defined in more precise terms what my project will focus on, I will post an update here. My main question is how digital technologies such as Facebook or Google Maps mediate people's engagements in various publics. To answer this, I plan to do a case study of how digital tools were used during the controversy over road pricing in Copenhagen last year. In following this case, I will no doubt be greatly helped by the fact that a group of student controversy mappers at University of Copenhagen have already built an overview (in Danish).