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A look back at the Digital Methods Summer School 2013

Back home in Copenhagen, I am currently slowly but surely recovering from two intense weeks of summer school in Amsterdam. I took part in the annual Digital Methods Summer School, hosted by the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam. This year's theme -  "You are not the API I used to know: On the challenges of studying social media data" - was particularly relevant to my phd project, so I left Copenhagen full of excitement.

The DMSS proved to be unique in many ways. First of all, 'learning by doing' was taken seriously. We spent less time attending lectures than working on our own self-organised digital methods projects. (At the same time, the lectures were excellent, not least the ones by Bernard Rieder and Noortje Marres - see their slides here).

Second, the project work with considerably success bridged huge gaps in terms of the participants' previous experience with digital methods. Students and researchers with close to no knowledge o…